Photographing Boudoir may just be my favorite. Most of my clients initially start off nervous and hesitant. That's where I come it. I want to make a fun and relaxed experience for you with lots of laughs. If you want bubbles and music, then let's do it! I truly believe that every woman, no matter the body type is beautiful. I've photographed them all all and trust me, all bodies have their flaws and ALL bodies are gorgeous. It's all about the angles!

And in each session I encourage you to be authentically YOU! Are you more sleek and sexy or are you more conservative or more of a tom boy? Whatever your own individual personality is, I will make sure to highlight that and make you shine.

Overall this type of photography is so rewarding because after you see the pictures you see how beautiful you really are! And to be a part of that process of SELF LOVE is why I do what I do.